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Here is a list of some of the professional services we offer:


bulletComputer Hardware & Software Sales & Setup
Compu-Experts provides consulting to first determine the types of  tasks you hope to accomplish by means of computers, then we determine the kind of hardware and software needed to help you complete those tasks and allow you to get the most for your money.  We will then setup and configure your investment to meet your specific needs.


bulletHardware & Software Upgrades & Repairs
  It is important to keep your computer updated and in good working condition in order to prevent problems later on down the road.  Compu-Experts can repair many problems that occur with today’s software and repair or upgrade your systems to ensure that your system is powerful enough to handle this software- all while recovering and restoring your personal data that may contain years and years of information.


bulletNetwork Servers & Workstations Setup & Configuration
            Both individuals and companies need cost-efficient networks that allow
the fastest communication speeds with the widest coverage areas.  Compu-Experts knows these types of network configurations and will customize your home or office network to suit your particular needs.


bulletSecure Online Data Backup Using MozyPro
Manage multi-user and server environments from the convenience
of a web-based administrative console.
Mozy employs the highest security standards and stores your data in world-class data centers.
Secure backup solutions start at less than $5 per month, with no setup fees, no hardware to purchase, and little management required


bulletTechnical Support & Training
In the ever-changing world of computer technology, it is crucial for individuals and companies to have the most complete know-how in order to be productive.  At Compu-Experts, we are always exploring the latest and greatest hardware/software while continuing to stay refreshed on current-day applications.  Our specialized one-on-one training will allow you to fully understand the basics of different types of the hardware and software that you use everyday.  Our training will even give you insight on more advanced features as we strive to simplify the learning curve of these kinds of features.


bulletWebsite Design & Development
A successful business realizes that putting their company on the internet will benefit them in many ways, most notably allowing their business to be “open” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  Whatever kind of company you have, let Compu-Experts design a site that will meet your needs to attract visitors and promote your business.


bulletProgramming Using Microsoft Access 
Maybe today’s software just doesn’t suit your personal or business needs.  Compu-Experts can consult with you and your company and tailor-make an application that will accommodate your needs and help your business strive.

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